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Nrose holistic protocol dedicated to female intimate area rejuvenation

NEAUVIA introduces #Nrose
its 2nd Holistic protocol dedicated to female intimate area rejuvenation.

EXPERIENCE NOW THE EXCLUSIVE LAUNCHING EVENT during last ESAG Congress with the testimonials of #Nrose advisory board and worldwide renown specialists – Prof. Dr. Nicola Zerbinati, Prof. Dr. Alexander Bader, Dr. Piotr Kolczewski, Dr. Sophie Menkes, Dr. Rashad Haddad - and DISCOVER THE SCIENCE BEHIND #NROSE PROTOCOL SYNERGY guided by Dr. Kolczewski.

#Nrose holistic protocol brings a brand new holistic approach to female intimate area rejuvenation. aiming to deliver, in 4 sessions and 12 days only, a synergistic sequence of treatments – filler injections, radiofrequency treatments and cosmeceuticals - for the ultimate female intimate area rejuvenation.


    Dermatologist and Aesthetic Medicine Specialist
    Neauvia Ambassador, Aesthetic Industry Expert
  • Dr. Kolczewski
    Gynecologist and Obstetrician
  • Gynecologist, ESAG co-founder and President Dr Bader